Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

This week's Headbanger challenge: That's a surprise

I had a hard time finding one picture for this week's challenge never mind the 3 I eventually came up with!

The one I've chosen was taken on a quiet summer's evening about a year ago. I was out in the long grass right next to where we used to live photographing the cat when I decided to put the camera flat on the ground pointing straight up and take a shot. When I looked at it on the computer some time later I really liked it! It reminds me of my youth, lying back in the grass looking up at the summer sky - not having a care in the world...

This picture was taken on bonfire night, again last year, and I genuinely didn't expect for it to turn out anywhere near as good as it did.

The final picture was taken in early summer this year and it was the usual story; I was out and about for work, travelling down a country road and I liked the look of the long grass and the sky so I pulled over to try and capture in the camera what my eyes were seeing. I had taken loads of pictures and they just didn't look very good in the camera's screen so I left quite despondent. I got back home and downloaded them and this one surprised me because I had captured what had made me pull over in the first place.


  1. Rich: Nicely captured and posted. I love to capture fires, they show such neat things. The grass we layed in at youth, how cool.

  2. Youve done it again Richard, brought back memories, way way back too.
    Love it. I can still remember lying there looking at the sky for ages.lol

  3. Your header reminds of those you see on the covers of books about the weather. Reminds me of picnics, laying in the grass after some sandwiches, crisps, chocolate cake and some lemonade.

    I like the third photo as well. Maybe shot with a wide angle lens and slow shutter?

  4. Thanks all for your comments, much appreciated.

    Chris, my settings for this picture (remembered by Lightroom, not by me) were: f/10, 1/250th at ISO 200 and it was indeed the wide-angle 14-24mm @ 14mm.

  5. Some cracking shots here Richard. Love the ground shot of the blades of corn growing, very interesting. Very weird swirling sky with the wide angled shot out in the countryside!
    We went to a photographers meeting on Tuesday evening. A guy was giving us a talk and a power point presentation of photo's that he had taken of wildlife and landscape shots. Very interesting shots that he had taken using a Fish Eye lens. He had played about with the angles and ranges and got some very distinct feature shots. I'm feeling the need to buy one of these now! LOL Makes a change from Portrait and normal landscape shots.

    1. Thanks Gail.

      I really wish I'd got a fisheye lens when I had the money! I've seen what can be done with them and it's amazing. I'll have to save up! :)