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Friday, 24 August 2012

My great solo adventure Part 2 - Bracklinn Falls and Loch Lomond

I came across Bracklinn Falls quite by accident. I was following behind a VERY slow driver on the A84 towards Callander when they suddenly pulled up in the middle of the road and I nearly went in the back of them! After sitting there for what seemed like ages, they eventually indicated to turn right. So there I was shouting all the obscenities my mind could muster when I noticed the sign to the falls "ooh", I thought, "that could be interesting!". So off I went up a very steep hill and as I pulled up I noticed the sign 'Bracklinn Falls 3/4 mile <-------' "ughhhhh, 3/4 of a mile!!!" Anyway, I sorted my camera equipment in to just the essentials and headed off. The walk there was easy, it was all flat and then downhill to the falls, but as I passed the red-faced, sweaty out-of-breath elderly couple coming up the hill, I knew it wasn't going to be as much fun going back the way...

I took a few long exposure shots of the falls and I'm fairly pleased with the results, but It's not something I've done that often so I'll take on board the lessons learned for next time.

I really like the pics from Loch Lomond though. I love using the 14-24mm in portrait because you get much more of everything in..but I use it too much and had to tell myself to 'go landscape!'


  1. Love the slow shutter speeds. The photos do seem to have a 3D quality to them.

    How are you finding processing the very large D800 files on your computer, as I've heard that they can really slow a machine down?

  2. Thanks Chris. No problem at all editing the raw files. I did notice for the first time tonight the signs that my mac was struggling a bit though. I had a you tube playlist of music going in the background and as I was sliding the sliders up and down in Lightroom the music would 'judder' a bit. But I just put iTunes on instead and it was fine. Lightroom itself on my mac seems no different between editing 12mp files from the d3s, 16mp files from the D5100 and the massive D800 files, but Lightroom 4 is a little sluggish anyway!

  3. Many memories awakened with these great shots of Scotland Richard.

    1. Thanks very much. Maybe one day we could all go up there for a couple of days photography