Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Monday, 13 August 2012

Are you sitting comfortably?

Never one to have the impetus to 'blog', I have a hitherto unseen drive, this time around, to create something that I actually contribute to on a semi-recurring basis. Where, might you ask, did this sudden and unlikely drive come from? Well that's a story in itself....

I was the extremely proud and lucky (lucky, in this instance, being a synonym for suddenly attaining one's desires, but in rather sad and maudlin' circumstances) owner of 2 Nikon D3s's up until last week, because last week I sold one of the aforementioned D3s's to a lady by the name of Gail on eBay, with a view to replacing said D3s with a spanking-new, drool-worthy Nikon D800! Gail got in touch with me after the auctioning off of one of my best (non-metabolating) friends and after a series of messages back and forth I was introduced to the 'Headbangers' photography group online, run by her husband Chris.

So hopefully begins a weekly (at least) update on my life as a photographer both commercially and recreationally.



  1. A little info on the Headbangers,
    around three and half yrs ago, Tom and I (Mac) were playing swopping Headers,on our photo blogs along came Tom W - some ideas were tossed around and the Headbangers were formed. some joined - some left. Now Richard has joined we have reached our full 6 members.
    This allows us to have fun, while also doing our blogs and not getting to busy with a large number of visits lasting over days.
    No rules or bosses as such, as long as we post near the time and vote ASAP. Creating lots of fun and banter. We take it in turns to choose the theme of the Header Photo Post.

  2. From the smallest acorn, the mighty oak doth grow! - or something like that. I'm happy to be a part of your group and I am eager to contribute. Speaking of which, how does one actually go about voting each week?

  3. Hi Richard, 4 points to your gold choice
    2 points for your silver choice
    we total all points up and whoever gets most points gets Gold and whoever gets the next highest - gets Silver. Rest gets the Bronze shield.