Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A welcome arrival

Today saw the long-awaited arrival of my Nikon D800. I have spent the evening playing with my new toy and below are a couple of sample images. Even at 1:1 (100% zoom) the detail is amazing! I'm taking a couple of days off work next week to re-explore Loch Lomond and Trossachs with it.

Some more messing around tonight. Not a particularly steep learning curve coming from a D3s, but a curve never the less, so practicing will hopefully eventually make perfect.


  1. Just like little boys and their toys Richard,lol.

    Im soooooo J..
    Great shots too.
    Can I come next week?

    1. We should all plan something, definitely, but this time I will be sleeping in the back of my Astra van overnight and given my height and build, it's going to be a squeeze as it is! lol.

      You're absolutely right about boys and their toys. I'll be a young boy in my mind as long as I can get away with it. I'll never grow up!! :)

  2. Wow, so that's what 36 megapixel photos look like! Great stuff, although you'll need plenty of cards, as it eats them. I've read that you can only get about 30 photos on a 16mb card.

    Enjoy your vacation, and try not to get bitten to much by the dreaded mozzies.

    1. I shoot lossless compressed RAW which means I can get an estimated 200 shots from a 16gb CF card. Mind you, the D3s says that it can take about 600 on the same size card, but I would easily get over 700. But it is a consideration now. I used to take several things for granted when using the D3s, namely: that I would never need to swap cards out, that the battery would last forever and that I could take it literally ANYWHERE and get good shots...things are a little different now, mind you.

      I have a backup plan for my holiday if the weather is rubbish. I'm going to stop in Dunblane and visit the Cathedral. Looks amazing. If the weather is ok, I'll carry on to the Trossachs and Loch Lomond. Many a picture awaits!

  3. Some fabulous shots there Richard. So glad that you've now received your new Camera. Its not just boys that like their toys, us girls do to! :-) I love gadgets and gizmos!
    Envious of your little adventure out in Scotland. I remember in my younger clubbing years, I was tempted to buy a little van and kit it out with a mattress or something. So that we could kip down in the back of the van after we'd had a few bevvies. I never did though! But that thought still appeals to me for just taking off at the weekend. Scouting around for photo opportunities! I dont think my little Mini would be that comfortable do you! LOL

  4. Thanks Gail,

    I've been gadget mad since the early 90's, just love new shiny things! I'm really looking forward to kipping in the van, I'm just hoping I can find an appropriate place to stop.

    I'm not sure I'd fit in a mini, full stop, never mind try and sleep in one! lol