Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Friday, 24 August 2012

My great solo adventure Part 1 - Dunblane Cathedral

I saw pictures that another photog had done of Dunblane Cathedral by chance when browsing the web last week and I decided I had to go myself. So early (ish) this morning I packed up my van and moved myself and my camera gubbins 125 miles north. When I got there I found that I pretty much had the cathedral to myself which was great, and in all I spent about an hour walking around and photographing the place. 

Dunblane is unfortunately well known for the appalling shootings that took place in the mid 90's. Picture 9 is of the commemoration standing stone which is a really beautiful and touching piece.


  1. When we visited Lincoln Cathedral with Stewart and his wife Julie, it was a photographer's delight. Others as well. The spiral staircase from below--I have a similar picture from Death Valley California--Scotty's Castle.

  2. A great selection of photos taken with your new toy. The bokah on the carving of the little boy is lovely

  3. Always find Churches wonderful to photograph, like Lincoln, when the sun light hits the windows, theres a wonderful show reflecting on the floor and pillars.