Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Last weekend my family and I visited the Cocoabean Factory where I purchased the delicious props for this week's Headbangers' challenge photo. I spent ages arranging the chocolates and then rearranging them again until I was happy with the result. A bit of editing in Lightroom to make sure the background colour was consistent throughout and they were done - good enough to eat!

Also below are the beautifully made 'cake' from my daughter's 1st birthday in November of last year and a photo of a guy in a Turkish sweet shop from our holiday, also last year.


  1. Rich: Very cool, I said in my post that the people in England would be very special.

  2. I bet those chocolates didn't last long in the McGuire household once you got the photo right!

    1. Actually, in a rare twist, we still have 2 chocs left! It's not like eating 'normal' chocolates, these are very very sweet and very rich so one does you for a few days.

  3. My teeth are aching from all this week's sugar exposure. I hope you guys went ahead and counted the vote without me as I a bereft of my computer and commenting
    h by kindle. No e-mail till I am back in business . No photo uploads either.