Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Weekly Headbangers' Challenge: Change

I wracked my brains for a full week on this one...I didn't want to be literal and go for pictures of Autumn, I wanted to interpret the challenge in my own way. In the end I went both ways. My header this week is a picture representing the changes my daughter has undergone in her 2 years so far. Starting at her first pair of trainers on the left, with her first fluffy toy through to her current trainers and current fluffy toy.
The other pictures are from Autumn last year and are from no more than 100 yards from my house. We are surrounded by such beauty and it is our job as photographers to capture it as closely as possible in and effort to keep that beauty saved for everyone to see.


  1. Lovely shot of the shoes and cuddly toys. Nothing wrong with being literal. See my shot LOL!

    Autumn pictures are great too. Autumn doesn't appear to have started yet, as all the seasons seem to be out of kilter these days. Think technically we're still in summer going on the warm days that we are still having.

  2. No, Autumn really isn't going to match its official entry date this year here either, but don't tell me that early in the morning.

    I really blike your changes, Richard. Mine are on the same order but stretching further. Photographically I don't have the best, but for the theme it is great. Have to go see what Chris is up to.

  3. Rich: Nicely thought out, you or your wife must be a saver. We are starting into fall over here. We had a 38F morning and the trees they are changing.