Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Through the Window

This week's Headbangers' Challenge was set by me and was "Through the Window". I wanted people, time permitting, to take a picture through a window using the window frame as a frame for the picture. I also said that if people were too busy to do it this week they could choose something from the archives, AND that the remit was entirely up for interpretation. 

I actually hadn't come up with anything new myself this week until today when I happened upon Sweetheart Abbey in New Abbey, Dumfries and Galloway, whilst driving home from a job. I thought my luck was in until I found the place was covered in scaffolding and blokes wearing hard hats....I persevered and got quite a few good shots. I've also included a photo I took last year in Turkey (I got a LOT of good pics from that holiday!) which was my inspiration for this week's theme.

After much ponderance and much pen top-chewing, I decided on the picture with the blue sky as a backdrop. Blue sky like that is very rare around here, especially this year, so it really 'sang' to me. I also imagined what the place would have been like back in 1275 (yes, TWELVE SEVENTY FIVE!!!) and wondered if any of the occupants over time have ever looked through that same window and seen such a lovely blue sky.


  1. Very neat Richard, like the idea, I have a few shots of Abbeys around the Country.

  2. Rich: Nice collection of window photos. I like the one with the lighted green and also the three windows and the the building.

  3. Love the photo. The arched window reminds me of the one at Beauvale Priory, which was a Carthusian monastery near Eastwood. It is just a ruin now after Henry the Eighth had his way in 1542 so he could marry Anne Boleyn. I have played one of the monks that lived there, through a tale recounting the lives of the monks and the martyrdom of three priors who stood up to the king.