Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Merrick Stages Rally - 2012

This is the second rally I've photographed so far and I enjoyed it much more this time. Mainly because there were no midges. It was bloody awful at the Scottish Rally in Ae Forest earlier this year, I got bitten rotten! I also enjoyed it because I could get right next to the track and as a result I got some really good shots.

Everytime the 4x4's went past I'd get showered in mud and rocks. Luckily none hit the camera, or my bonce!

All pictures taken with a Nikon D3s and 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII @ f/2.8 and between 1/1650th and 1/2500th adjusting for light as I was in manual mode, except for a couple of pics taken with the 14-24mm f/2.8, again at around 1/2000th and at f/2.8.

The D3s allowed me to continuously focus on the front of the VERY fast cars and fire off 9 frames a second so I was almost guaranteed and good shot. 


  1. Never tried rallying before. Looks quite exciting, and the machine gun approach has certainly paid off.
    Surprised to see quite a few old Ford Escorts though. Wonder if they managed to keep up with the more powerful modern cars.

    1. The pros (the REAL pros ;) ) maintain that you should be able to anticipate and fire the shutter off exactly at the right moment...if that's the case then why is the shutter rate of the pro cameras so important? I also don't believe these pros have ever tried to photograph a rally car moving at 40-60 miles an hour. I tried to capture the 'pop' of the exhaust were collected fuel ignites and you get the shot of flame out the back, but even with 9 frames a second and 1/2000th of a second shutter speed I kept missing it. Like to see how they would anticipate that! lol.

      The old Fords are just as fast as the newer 2wd cars. They make a much nicer sound too. The 4wd group was dominated by the Evo's and the Scoobies as you would expect.