Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Dozen or Twelve

I was extremely late posting my effort for this week's challenge, but here it is, the beautiful series III V12 E-Type Jaguar. These pictures were taken at last year's Kirkcudbright Classic Car Rally held in the harbour square. No wonder these cars were (and still are) so revered, a 12 cylinder engine in such an attractive body is the stuff of dreams, and these lucky blighters get to show them off all around the country!


  1. Lovely cars and lovely prices too. Think you're looking at £25k plus for a decent model.
    I've always loved the Jensen Intercepter. Would be fab to own one, but they are a thirsty beast. That's why they stopped making them in the early 70s with the petrol problems that the world was facing from the OPEC countries. Think a gallon then cost about the the same as a litre now!

  2. Nice take!

    I am later than you. Come take a look--whether the vote is already in or not.

    Back with a new laptop.