Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Monday, 3 September 2012

Laurieston Kite Feeding Station

Yesterday we visited the Kite feeding station at Laurieston. The Kites weren't really interested in the food being put out for them as food is quite plentiful for them naturally at the moment. Just as we were about to give up hope and go home a few swooped down and grabbed a claw or two of meat. I managed to get one just about to grab!

I also took a few pictures of the feeding station's surroundings


  1. A great set of pictures Richard. Very colourful. The kites remind me of a book and film that I like called Kes. You probably know it. It's about this lonely boy who trains a kestrel and is quite proud of his achievement, only for the bird to be killed by his older brother, as he forgot to put a bet on a horse that won.

  2. Real nice mixed bag of Goodies Richard.
    See the pigs had Porked out then,lol.