Headbangers' Weekly Challenge: Through the shop window

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I have 3 very different yellow entries for this week's Headbangers' Challenge. The first one is one of my very early attempts at light painting. You 'simply' set fire to some very fine wirewool and insert it into some form of apparatus so that you can spin it around very quickly whilst your camera is on long exposure. The second one is actually one from the cutting room floor from my motion freezing exercise a couple of weeks back. I tried a few different colours but eventually decided I liked the blue most, but taking another look at the yellow one and I quite like it. The third picture is of some flowers, plain and simple. Don't know what they are, but I know that I like them and they are rather photogenic. 


  1. Rich: Really neat job on the spinning fire wire. Did you have it on a drill?

  2. Possibly some kind of aster. Aster = star and the light painting brings some thought of starlight as well. Very nice.

  3. Certainly an unusual take on the theme. Even more than mine! And you had to set fire to something to get the shot. I never knew arson & photography went so well together!